The Quest

Hello and welcome to my blog 


Picture: Kiwi and I

Feel free to grab a piece of cake as we get started. Why cake? Because you can never have enough cake. Ever.

Also while you are at it, can you grab me a piece? Thanks.

The Quest

This world makes very little sense to me. It has always felt alien. I have never woken up to a world where I belonged. Never understood why people did what they did or felt the way they felt. But I tried to learn and adapt so I could blend in. And I did. I became what most people wanted me to be. For 23 years.

Until I couldn’t anymore. To be honest, I think my facade started giving way at age 18. I started following my heart way more than the constructs society had set in place for me. By age 23 I was living a more authentic life than I ever had before.

The inability to keep up appearances has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Living someone else’s life was holding me back from what I was truly capable of and keeping the world from what I had to offer.

Ever come across this sketch?

See the fish. Yea. That’s me. And its time to stop trying to climb the tree.

The Quest

To live my life by two principles

Follow your heart

Live an authentic life

Be Present

Live in the present moment


The Blog

This blog is my journal. My brutally honest thoughts without a filter. It is to keep me honest to the 2 principles. AND to keep my weird shining bright.

You can expect to read blog posts that either

Piss you off/ Appaul you


Help you see the world with a new perspective

Either way, you are in for a fun WEEKLY ride. 

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PSS: Kitty = my fiancΓ© 





9 thoughts on “The Quest

    1. Lolz. Glad you asked. It will be hard to retrace all the (few) places but the first time I was ever published (in my early teens) was here : Then there was a magazine called young times that also distributed copies in the middle east including other Asian countries that published my story and a poem. Then there was an Ontario wide highschool journal that published a poem a few years ago. I have a copy of the journal buried somewhere in my house. Lol. I am bad at keeping these in a safe place or hung up somewhere. They mean little compared to all the stories dying to come out on paper (blog, but paper sounded more poetic) in the future.

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  1. I just found you today, so glad I did! I too, am blogging for similar reasons as you state above. It is comforting to find others that are sharing their ‘quest’. It definitely requires courage to be authentic out in the open:-) I am now following you and look forward to reading more.


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