Conspiracy Theory?

I was called a conspiracy theorist recently and I happily accepted the title. The discussion was around the weird weather we have been having. I blamed it on climate change and predicted the coming of an ice age. So, I was called a conspiracy theorist spewing out my outlandish notions. Blasphemy.

I love blasphemy. I thrive off it. I was happy to wear that title like a badge of honour.

What I am beginning to realize now that I’m past the Advil cold & flu haze I was under during that conversation is that maybe the title of conspiracy theorist is inaccurate.

Apparently blue mountain (a popular ski location in Ontario) opened up its spring activities to the public the week before Christmas. What of all the storms raging around the planet?

Check these out:

Blizzard blasts New Mexico, Texas, piling snow up to 10 feet high

Record flooding hits northern England as waters surge through towns

Video shows massive tornado that ravaged the Dallas area in the darkness

The sky is murky. Dirty, wet and depressing. Every day.

I sound like one of those books written about the “future”. I am also someone who immediately looks up “Physics of the impossible” on Amazon when they see a random person reading the book on the subway.

So maybe I am a conspiracy theorist. Maybe a pessimist. Maybe this extreme weather is new. Maybe its just never been so well reported. Maybe not.

Maybe it is climate change. Maybe we should all be taking it a little more seriously.

Read this!

Can it all be a lie? No. Have I looked it all up? No. I am not an expert on the subject. Am I conspiracy theorist. Nah. I just see something wrong with whats happening around me and I choose to look into it a bit more rather than simply believe the convenient lie (you are welcome for the reference Al Gore).

climate change.gif

There are obviously people who agree or the Paris Climate talks wouldn’t be a big deal which it clearly was.

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am just someone who has taken the time to investigate the changes in the climate around me a bit more than most people I speak  to. So I sounds like a conspiracy theorist.

I am just someone chasing after an unpopular truth which is slowly gaining popularity. I am also someone sitting in a business and sustainability course.


PS: The ice age comment was not serious. Although I won’t be one to rule it out as impossible.


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