My own personal HUNGER GAMES


I hope 2016 brings you everything you have ever wished for. Unless it’s world domination. And you are an evil villain. In fact if you are an evil villain, I hope 2016 brings you compassion and kindness.

I hope you don’t end up like this:

new years

Since it is prime season for resolutions, I thought I would share mine. I want to change my life this coming year.

I want to be healthier. (Try to refrain from rolling your eyes).

eye roll.gif

I have struggled with my weight and relationship with food for a long time. For those who know me it is no big secret. I have tried a bunch of things in the past that have worked short term. After the last one (living off protein and veggies combined with hardcore workouts which worked wonderfully for 4 months but couldn’t win the fight against my sweet tooth and laziness) the goal was to pick something that I could stick to.

About 2 days ago I woke up to an article about intermittent fasting. It reminded me of what Kitty (fiance) keeps talking about. He has lost a stupid amount of weight in the past 2 years and intermittent fasting was a big part of his new routine. In its most basic form, intermittent fasting as I understand it means :

  1. Eating only between 12-8
  2. Eating 2 meals/day
  3. Keeping your choices healthy
  4. Exercising


I kept away from intermittent fasting in spite of Kitty’s relentless pleas  because the thought of skipping breakfast was a huge turnoff. I LOVE BREAKFAST. How was he expecting me to give up eggs (over easy/omelette) served on a bed of home fries. BREAKFAST WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY GODDAMIT!

I also avoided it because rules annoy me. A lot. I’ll be writing about wedding planning soon and you will understand why every photographer I have spoken to so far would love to shoot my big day. My wedding, in theory, is simple and far from traditional. Mostly because I couldn’t be bothered to follow all the rules.

On the other hand, while I hate rules and love breakfast, I knew something needed to change. Drastically and soon. My broken knee couldn’t take my weight  anymore and kept giving me hell. The intermittent fasting experiment also appealed to the part of me that was craving big change (tattoos and piercings weren’t doing it anymore).

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the gorgeous people around me were following the above mentioned rules without  labelling their eating patterns. I also totally wanted all the positive side effects intermittent fasting claimed to have.


So I figured what the hell, intermittent fasting it is.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy so I tried to recruit someone to suffer through the first few weeks with me. My parents wouldn’t have any of it (they provided weight loss tips to make up for the lack of their comradery). I then reached out to Klover and tried to sell her on the idea.


I told her it would be our own personal Hunger Games. Whenever we were crazy hungry before 12 pm and after 8 pm we would send each other the three finger salute. It would be a reminder that we weren’t alone in our suffering.

3 finger salute

Klover is a big fan of the Hunger Games series. She had lent me the books when I got into the movies. I figured a hunger games themed diet would appeal to her. It didn’t.

hunger games.gif

While Klover did not join me on my journey, I decided I would send her the three finger salute whenever I was hungry. Mostly to keep me on track but also to show her all the fun (….-_-….) she was missing out on.

That is what I have been up to for the past 3 days. Through new years. I wake up super late so I am almost never hungry before 12 but the period after 8PM gets more torturous with each passing hour.

In order to deal with it

  1. I send Klover pictures like the ones below 
  2. I browse pinterest for “fashionable work outfits”. They remind me of all the cool clothes I can buy once I am down a size or two. I now have a pretty decent collection of work clothes I would one day like to own. work outfits.jpg
  3. I drink water. A lot. I consume 4/6 recommended glasses of water between 8PM and 12 AM.  – which usually results in gotta pee.gif

It has been super hard so far. The plan is to keep it up until it becomes a way of life. I will keep you guys updated on my journey with intermittent fasting.

If you have any tips to help me through this please let me know. If you would like to join me in my Hunger Games, leave me a comment. Otherwise,

May the odds be ever in my favour.

Until next time!


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