Why Oreo makes me a better person

Kitty is hosting Oreo at his place until New years. Woah! that is a sentence I never thought I would write. Kitty, my fiancé, is baby sitting a cute Maltese and Shih tzu mix puppy for the holiday season. The puppy is called Oreo although he looks more like a panda.

Oreo’s stay came to be because my friend found out about our love (kitty and I) for animals. So when her cousin needed someone to babysit Oreo while they were away on vacation during Christmas….my friend thought of us! While I couldn’t keep the dog because my mother didn’t want any more work to do (my promises to help care for him fell onto deaf ears, yes I’m 25), Kitty agreed to do it.

We figured it would be a trial for when we got our own puppy first year into the marriage.

So come Saturday I woke up excited and expecting this cute little bundle of joy that I could cuddle with on the couch as I watched my favourite Netflix shows while the rain drummed on the big windows. It would be a dream come true.


As soon as Oreo trotted into Kitty’s place I threw that dream out of the big windows. Oreo is on CRACK 24/7. That puppy never stops moving ever. Unless you look right into his eyes unblinkingly, at which point he stands extremely still looking at you and an imaginary ball you are holding that only he can see expecting you to play catch with him.

Oreo spent the first hour in the house
* Running everywhere
* Peeing everywhere
* Jumping on everything
* Slobbering over everything
I thought Oreo was annoying and a giant pain in the ass. That dog needed to stop spazzing for no reason.

Kitty, on the other hand, was in love. He was laying on the couch, his head hanging upside down, playing with the dog. This giant smile plastered on his face.

I sat across from him trying to figure out what he saw in the dog. The dog was obviously nuts. If this is what having a dog was going to be like then I didn’t want one.

I didn’t change my mind until we took the dog for a walk. Halfway into the walk I was obsessed with Oreo. When we were close to home I wanted to adopt him and hoped that since his owner had left him with strangers, he didn’t intend to come back for Oreo.

Oreo is like a child (he is also only 7 months old, so he is a child). Everything excites him. He loves everything and everybody. He is curious and unafraid. He has a favourite toy. He loves to play tug of war. He clearly understands the world around him. He invites you to be a part of his life and wants to be a part of yours.

At the end of the walk, I wasn’t judging Oreo. He didn’t annoy me. Infact I saw the world from his point of view and loved it. To be so innocent, fearless and loving was a blessing I wish I had. Oreo was a ray of sunshine.


Oreo’s greatest gift to humankind is that he pulls you into the present. You can’t keep up with your thoughts of the past or future with him darting about. You can’t be worried about money while he is growling loudly as you play tug of war. If you refuse to be there in the moment with him he will nudge you into submission.

An amazing thing happens when you are in the present where your worries or fears can’t touch you. You slip into your “good person” skin. You aren’t worked up about someone coming for you when you aren’t looking or thinking about what that bitch at work said behind your back. You see the world like Oreo does. Everyone who isn’t harming you at that very moment is suddenly your friend.

In the present, you are like Oreo. If you aren’t defending yourself you are doing exactly what makes you happy. If you are defending yourself you are clear headed and more likely to win. Either way you are your best version. You are honest, open and grateful. You aren’t distracted, worried or living in your head. You are a better person. All thanks to Oreo. My puppy dream come true.


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