How to survive a stinky highschool gym

The stench of sweat seeps into your nostrils as you walk in the doors. I am regretting the words “I’ll try everything once” uttered as I held my fiancé’s hands.

I’m in a high school gym somewhere off dufferin station. The words “Welcome to bear country” are plastered over one wall.

The sight of my man in his shorts looking like he is ready for war makes this worth it. Almost. The stench is still unbearable. I’m trying not to drown in it.

A girl just walked in and I saw her cough. She is suffocating too. We are all suffocating.

Except the players. Apparently mya (fiancé) hadn’t even noticed the smell until I pointed it out.

I smell peppermint. The guy next to me is chewing gum. It reminds me of the pack of gum in my pocket. That might be the solution I’m looking for. I grab for it.

The gum is helping. I am now sitting amongst the sweaty left overs from the previous game. I mean the players. This gum is saving my life.

The rest of the evening is a blurr. Mya got pushed into the wall by Troy. Troy is a douche. He makes me roll my eyes right back into my skull. Pudgy little mofo Troy. Atleast Adam (friend) looked angry during the game. Like he was actually at war. Mya just looked serene the entire time. But then I realized that’s why I love him.


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