Chaos is my cup of tea 

Do you take solace in the fact that you know what your day will look like today? Even though you have no crystal ball to determine the events accurately. Unless you do in which case message me, we need to talk. 

I love days when my schedule is so off course that I literally venture into new lands and have tiny adventures that make life worth waking up to.

Like yesterday when  I attended a panel lecture on multicultural marketing in a fancy part of Toronto (spoke club) I had never been to. What fascinated me most about about the morning wasn’t the lecture, which was admittedly valuable, but everything that came before it. 

I was making the trip with a friend (who we shall call Evelyn). Once out of the subway I was lost and had Evelyn not been with me I might have been very late to the event (not necessarily a problem as you will discover). Why? Because the concept of West, East, North and South is lost on me. When people say North, I look at the sky. Every single time. I  refuse to learn.

Thanks to Evelyn we were soon headed in the right direction. While deeply engaged in conversation, I was also trying to keep an ear out for the transit lady to say “Portland street” so we would know western to get off.

Transit lady? Yes I ‘m talking about the female voice announcing everything TTC related that everyone  misunderstands. We all think “please stand clear of the doors” means “make a run for the death trap the subway driver just activated”. We have great regard for this imaginary woman because to avoid angering her Torontonians charge towards the death trap with vigour, like we are going to war. Every single time.

We got to dufferin when Evelyn realized we had gone too far. The driver confirmed the same with a condescending look on his face. So we caught a street car back to the venue. I was grateful for the misfortune though. I got to see pretty sights of liberty village blanketed in the light of dawn. A rare sight.

At 7.10 we found ourselves in the company of a man who was later described as “the Johnny depp look alike” and a well dressed older woman. We were locked out. Johnny depp had been there since 5.30 waiting to set up.  The old woman (Deb) was losing her shit though. Turned out she was the president of the organization that had organized the event to which paying attendees such as ourselves would start showing up in the next 10 minutes. 

We wanted to stay and help but when she started banging on the doors to the venue with a blatant disregard for the bruise slowly forming on her hands, we decided to grab a coffee across the street. 

The coffee was amazing but what was better was a grabbing stool at the coffee shop to watch people walk into the venue and get trapped in a tiny space with a very frustrated tiny woman (Deb). Evelyn and I could not stop laughing. I may have partially fallen off the stool at some point. 

Half an hour later we were let into the venue that they were still setting up. Evelyn and I were joined by another colleague at this point and had taken over a comfy sofa set commenting on everyone that was standing around us networking. Which included an impeccably dressed lady with an iceberg on her finger. Wait did I say ice berg? I meant giant diamond ring. She might have sensed my lingering stares (or not) but she came over and sat with us.

 She introduced herself as the VP of marketing for a national company. And one of the speakers at the event. We shall call her Nancy. She had the kind of unapologetic humour I fall in love with instantly. Which is what we all did. By the time Nancy had to get on stage we were under Nancy’s spell.

I’m not sure what happened during the rest of the lecture but I took some notes. I was however distracted by the imaginary  “We love Nancy club” that I would one day head as president. My co workers and I just before the event ended but raved about how the entire event was only worth the money because we meet Nancy.

That is my story of a wonderfully messed up morning. I got to explore new lands. I got to laugh so hard that I fell off a stool. And I fell in love. What is the meaning of life if not chaos. Do you disagree?


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