Do less, gain more 

Yes I wrote that right. Yes you read it right. That’s what I heard my hot yoga teacher ( hot yoga, not the teacher) tell the class over and over again today. While at first he meant for the words to benefit our yoga practice, he later explained how his words applied to life too. 

How would you feel if your 6 month old baby looked like a 6 year old kid? Would you freak out? Why aren’t you freaked out when we do the same thing to chics just so we can feed our hunger for meat? (and as a vegetarian I can pull that line off now).

See I think there is more to those 4 words than a yoga practice or our animal husbandry practice. 

You remember that time I got ” be present” tattooed on my ankle? Lets see a picture from when it was still fresh :

Well, that tattoo has been haunting me. It’s become a life mission. To be present. Which was the intention behind getting the tattoo in the first place, for it to serve as a reminder. Yet I fail at it everyday. Everyday I get caught up in my head and forget to be present. 

I’ve been trying really hard too. I want it so badly. I listen to teachers like  Elkhart Tolle on YouTube during my breaks. Trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. 

Recently, it felt like words weren’t getting me very far though. They never do. Yet I cling to hope. I kept hitting a wall and yet I didn’t  feel like giving up was a viable option. 

But when I heard my teacher say “do less, gain more”, the words felt like the key to the puzzle. 

Being present means being still and aware. But how can you be still if you are trying to be still? The notion of trying represents action. Action is the complete opposite of being still. Of being present.Of Being. Surrender and doing less seem more in line with stillness and awareness. 

A lot of the thoughts in our head are unnecessary. A lot of the goals we pursue are not thought through. A lot of worries we live with are self created. And we have an abundance of it all. The thoughts, the goals and the worries. We keep accumulating more. Yet they don’t lead us where we expect them to. They don’t lead to happiness. 

Have you ever been to yoga? Martial arts?  You are so busy trying not to fall or get hit (specially as a noob) that you have no choice but to be present and be aware. Yes, you are physically involved. Yet the less you do, the more you gain. The calmer your mind, the longer you can hold a pose and see a punch coming. 

I go to yoga because I feel happier at the end of every class. I forget everything wrong and right with my life to keep from falling. It forces my mind to shut off which doesn’t happen very often. The peace that gives me makes me happy. The “do less, gain” more theory seems to check out. 

So I guess I’m going to give surrender and doing less a try. Hopefully that will lead me where I need to go. 


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