Why I want to grow up to be like Kristin. 

I want to be like Kris when I grow up. Yes, I want to be the woman who is covered in cool tattoos and wears a tutu to barre class, at the office, on a dare. I did not grow up like Kristin. I sat in my bed and cried until my dad made me stop, when a haircut made me look like Harry Potter. Kris shaved her head off because a friend, who misunderstood a joke, walked for  45 minutes to her house to see it happen. Kris figured, what the hell, it’s only hair. 

In a world where kids start behaving like adults at the age of 15 (a gross generalization), Kris commits to living like a kid in her early 30s. She says it’s because kids always have more fun. 

Here I am, freaking out about every little thing from what the M&M I put in my mouth will do to me long term to my job situation 6 months out. There Kris is dancing in the hallway in her tutu. Her smile reaching her eyes. Caring about how everyone’s doing and helping everyone with their problems. 

So I asked Kris why she never seems worried (well not never) about anything. I wanted to know how I could lose the blanket of worries holding me down. Just like Kris. 

During a bathroom conversation Kris said that it needs to be a concious choice not to worry. One needs to be present and aware in each moment. Whenever we can feel anxiety or any other negative emotion building up, we need to stop, distance ourselves and determine if it’s worth all the fuss. 90% of the time, it’s not. 

She claims that she loses it too sometimes. She starts worrying about things that should just be left alone. If you must deal with something which isn’t under your control, the last thing you should do is  make it harder by stressing yourself out. 

This made me wonder, why are so many of us walking around with rocks tied to our feet? Why don’t we choose to let go of all these worries that serve no purpose and enjoy life more?

Maybe all of us need to grow up to be like Kris. Maybe all of us need to grow up to be a kid. 


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