5 Things I saw on the Toronto subway this Morning 

 1. Lots of people – I don’t know why. I’ve never seen the subway system jammed so bad. My first bus was late which meant I caught the second bus 5 minutes later than usual. It feels like 5 minutes should not make this big a difference but it does. This place is packed.

2. Half a seat: It’s what I’m sitting on right now. The woman next to me is quite large. I have never actually sat on half a seat before. It’s a totally new but painful experience. However  im glad I can fit on half a seat if I have to. Great survival skill? I can’t complain. This subway is so packed that I don’t think any more people can fit into it even if they tried. But they will try. 

3. Tears : A young woman wearing what I would call a trendy outfit ( I have no fashion sense so take this with a grain of salt) holding on to one of the poles with a backpack and purse started crying randomly. Not like actual sobbing but pretty close. I didn’t know what to do to comfort her. I mean I would prefer to be ignored if I lost it on a subway. Which is what I did. But I asked my friend for help on social cues anyway. I got no reply. 

4. Black cat attack: A woman dressed entirely in black with a badge / pin thing that said black cat attack. Upon reading this I noticed that her fingernails were pointy. Like a cat’s. On purpose. Cool. 

5. Fit bits: A bunch of fitbits. I guess it’s a thing now. 


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