Stories from life  in student housing : A series (Part 1)

As I walked to my room with my laptop and a glass of water in hand last night around 12.30 am I began to wonder things I would miss about my current living situation when I move out in August. This has been my first year living away from home and with strangers one of whome is now family. The lease ends Aug 31. And I’m already beginning to miss this place. 

I’ve made so many memories here. Each of which will stay with me until I die. Each one of them came as a surprise. Each of them left as a story. If I wrote them in one post, it would take me forever to complete and forever for you to read. So I figured I would tell you guys all of these stories in chunks. 

Let’s begin reliving my first day moving away from home.

 I couldn’t sleep the night before. I had never lived away from home. The reason I had attended the school I did for undergrad was because it was located in my home town. Yup. My decision to attend a particular university was that simple. No I didn’t care about the education. No I did not look up how the professors were rated. I got lucky though because the school I attended is one of the top rated universities in Canada.

So obviously my first day moving away from home I was losing my shit. I was scared. Very. I shouldn’t have been. Turns out I can handle myself. But I only realized that a year into living alone. Anyway. Back to the story.

The first time I moved into the building I currently live in, it was on another floor and into another apartment. It was the middle of August last year which meant only one other person was sharing the apartment with me. She was attending summer school. And she decided to throw a huge party my  first night there . In her defence she wasn’t aware of my impending arrival. In my defence, it was my first time away from home and I was sick and alone. So when I had to step out of my room  at 2 am and beg for her to either stop the party or face my wrath  (I threatened to call the cops on her) I knew we were off to a terrible start. The party was taken elsewhere shortly after.

I woke up the next morning with a terrible headache. I wanted out. The woman who had convinced me to rent an apartment at the building had also let slip out that if I ever wanted to get out of my lease I would just have to provide a 2 month notice. So I emailed the building’s manager saying that if he couldn’t find me another room in the building with “quiet” roommates as I had suggested on the personality form I had filled out when signing the lease, he should consider the email  my 2 month notice. My first day and I had already threatened two people.

Well apparently it worked. The building manager emailed me that very day and assured me that he would find me another room in the building. It would however take 15 days before I could move into my new room because it’s inhabitants hadn’t left yet. While I cried tears of relief, I also knew that the coming 15 days would be tough to say the least. 

Things I dealt with in the hell hole included :

1. Loud TV at 3 am. The noise was seeping through  my walls . When I stepped out to ask the house mate to turn it down, turned out I was also talking  to  3 people sleeping on the sofa. Upon my request, the TV was turned down. Until I went back to my room. At which point it was turned back up.

2 Having to study anywhere but my room ( while I had a fever ) because there was a guy playing rap music very loudly in my kitchen. He was apparently cooking for my housemate. Who was not in the house at that point. This meant I moved all my utensils into my room where they would be safe from strangers.

3. Super smelly food. And dishes that lived in the sink. I don’t think they ever had the chance to visit any other part of the kitchen. Like ever. They just stayed in the stinky hell that was the kitchen sink.

4. The door to the apartment was never ever locked. Ever. I once checked at 2 am. It was very much open to strangers. What’s more, the day I moved out, I got a text from the housemate asking me to leave the door open for her friends to walk in. I texted back saying I had moved and no longer live with her. She replied ” so you can’t leave the door open then?” I decided not to reply. 

5. Strangers. In my house. All the time. Half the time I came home to people ( burly guys ) that shouldn’t be there. What’s more, she was never around when her friends were. I later found out she had been allowing her friends to cook in our kitchen. That’s why they were always there. They needed a place to cook. And everyone was welcome.

I got to move into my current room 10 days in (instead of 15). That’s where I met a bunch of amazing girls. A week in my new amazing apartment, the “puke in the living room” mystery came to pass. But more on that in  the next post.



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