Fun project : The GYM & Play Doh

Hi low everyone ( say it out loud if my greeting confuses you ).

I forgot to update my fun project post last week and it is almost time to write one up for this week. So I thought I would do them both in one post. Aren’t I efficient?

Last week’s fun project: The Gym 

Sometime last week, I was sitting on the white couch in my living room when one of my room mates came by to say hello. Turned out she would be heading to the GYM later that fateful day. I had the entire day off (which makes it a Tuesday) and I was getting really tired from sitting on my ass watching Netflix ( yes very unexpected for an MBA student ), something I found myself doing a little too often. It felt like I was becoming one with the couch. Like I was melting into it, just a little bit every day. I am not entirely sure why I chose to acknowledge this problem right then but I promised my friend that I would join her at the GYM upon her return.

And I kept the promise. For several days after. I have started going to the GYM regularly. I honestly did not see the fun project ending up here. I figured I would do a bunch of random shit. Developing a healthy habit as a result took me completely by surprise. I am honestly going to the gym more to combat boredom than fat. It truly is fun watching your body improve in strength and stamina every day. It is almost like playing a video game. Like in video games, with every workout you overcome hurdles, pick up tricks and get a high from it all. You also realize that everything is a mind game. If you believe it, you can do it. I won’t lie, the soreness that lasts all day after the workout is my ABSOLUTE favourite part. No I am not being sarcastic. Not at all. I am just weird. At this point, letting my arm drop below my elbow hurts a pinch. I love it. I will wake up at 8 am tomorrow morning (instead of 11, sigh!) so that I can hurt again tomorrow, all day long.


My fav bit about this project ( new addition to this series) : I feel so much stronger climbing up and down stairs. I know that sounds silly to you uninjured-knee people but for someone who hurt her knee pretty bad last Nov, has to deal with knee pain on a daily basis and has an MRI in August, being able to climb up and down stairs without the pain feels like freedom. And I love freedom.

Fun project this week, #100daysofplaydoh

Having spent way too much time staring at a screen, for the sake of my tired and dry eyes, I decided to try doing something that required skilled hands. I tried sketching at first, but the learning curve is too steep. I am still going at it, but it wasn’t something I could commit to doing frequently enough to save my eyeballs.

I was at the dollar store recently and saw play doh. I wont claim that it brought back childhood memories. Because it did not. I didnt play with play doh growing up. Not as much as I would have wanted to anyway. Middle east childhood problems. But hey, while I am no longer a kid, I am still alive. I have the time and money ($3). So I figured why not. It could be fun!

The first time I played with the Doh, I made a sofa and tiny table with a vase. The whole process was super addictive. So I did it again. And again. And it sort of became a daily thing. Which inspired the idea of doing it for a 100 days straight. Now, I am not super creative. So I am scared that around day 10, I will run out of ideas. At which point, I have decided, ill just google Play Doh projects. But it has been super fun so far. I love the feeling of squishy Doh rolling in between my palms. I think thats what makes it addictive and fun.

Because of the super structured life style I grew up with, being creative is not something that comes easily to me. If you tell me what you want, I can do it. Give me nothing to do it with and I can work backwards from the goal and figure it out. So this fun project is also kind of a “challenge” project. It forces me to think outside the box. And I have come to like my box. Very much so.

I challenge you to take on the #100daysofplaydoh challenge. I would love to see your creations. I need the inspiration! Help me out.

I shall be posting my daily creations on instagram. Feel free to follow and share your own!

My fav bit about this project : I  love feeling like a kid playing with the Doh. Learning how to create beautiful little things with 4 colours and my fingers. Everything else around me fades away. Life dissolves. And for an hour or so, its me and the Doh. And a world of possibilities.


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