Fun Project (s) of the week: Midnight jam sessions, vegetarianism and A SONG!

PS: I have posted a song at the end of the post. Go clickey click on it if you don’t feel like reading today.

So, this has been an unexpectedly fun week. I have been through some ups and downs. Some realizations. None of which I will mention. In lieu of my last post. And I have undertaken MORE THAN ONE FUN PROJECT this week. Some of these projects were not planned. But I realized pretty quickly that they fell into the fun stuff pile. Which was great because I get to share more fun stories with you. Let us get started shall we?



I sometimes have trouble sleeping at night. Mostly because the coffee I have daily around 7PM works relentlessly. Like those folks on wall street. You crazy suits you.

The ladies at Tim Horton’s (at school) and I have a running joke. They know my order. I go up to them and they just serve my coffee to me. It is a very seamless process. My little conversations with these ladies also sound like a broken tape recorder (yes I am from that era) playing on a loop. They ask me how I slept last night. I tell them I slept at 3 am. They ask why I do this to myself. I tell them I do not know. Then the woman at cash says she could never do what I do. Because she loves herself. Which means I must hate myself. I get my coffee, we wish each other well and I leave. At 3 am, i stare at my ceiling, wondering if I will ever get smart enough to seriously consider the advise that the Tim Hortons ladies so graciously share with me.

I was kinda tired of this cycle this week. It was 2.30 AM. I really wanted to sleep early but the coffee kick wouldn’t let up. I had my tiny IPad next to me. is my life right now. I am listening to a playlist as I write this.  The best part is that you search for playlists (on 8tracks) by words. So the night of my first midnight jam session, I punched “sleep” and “chill” into the search bar on the 8tracks ipad app and this playlist popped up. I listened to it until 3 am. It was a beautiful experience. It was me and my playlist echoing into empty room. Me, my playlist and 4 housemates (make that 5. One of them has a bf/guyfriend that stays over most nights). None of them came banging on my door asking me to turn it down. So I just did it again the next night (technically day). And I have continued to do it since. At this point I just get excited about getting into bed, turning the lights off and the music on. It is fun.

This was an unexpected project. It resulted from following my heart. I did what my heart asked of me, when it asked for it, without question. Yay! One more positive step taken on my quest!



So I am not exactly sure if this perfectly fits into the “fun projects” category. But then, if I had rules about my fun projects, it wouldn’t be too much fun to do them…and that would defeat the purpose.

So I have been considering going vegetarian for a while now. While I am all for animal rights and truly despise how they are farmed for their meat, IT IS NOT WHY I TURNED VEGETARIAN (or as I call it veggie) regardless of what most people automatically assume to be my primary reason for making the change. I haven’t liked the taste of meat for a while now. YES ALL MEAT. I was just not sure how to go about being a vegetarian. I was too lazy to look up the rules. Honestly, I do not do well with rules. Which was another reason I avoided doing it for so long. I am a rebel. Grrrr. Are you buying it? No? Yea.. I was just being lazy.

Also, look around. How many vegetarians do you know? Yea. I thought so. I figured the number of vegetarians I knew was indicative of how hard it would be to be one.

I was sitting in class one day, talking to this friend when I shared my desire to go veggie. Turns out, she had been a veggie for the last 12 years (mostly because of the animal farming related reasons). She talked about it like the last 12 years had been a breeze. She made it look so easy. She told me that this book she bought had kept her from getting into any trouble with nutrition. It also boasted of great recipes that were easy to make. They would apparently keep me from going crazy and slipping up since I had hardly ever cooked a vegetarian meal before.

So I went out and bought this book. It is now the bible for my blog I am writing about my journey as a vegetarian. Feel free to check it out here. It has been fun blogging about my veggie journey so far. I get to share recipes. I get to experiment with food.

I went veggie a week ago and it has been fun. It was also a very random decision. Nothing had really changed. My conversation with the friend lasted all of 5 minutes. It was a catalyst. For sure. But it was not like she made a fool proof case. Or any case at all. It was more of a …my heart whispered “just do it”. I nodded my head and took the leap.


So this friend of mine, who is kickass with her guitar, and I jammed together a couple of weeks ago. Yes. I feel super cool saying that. I have “jammed” at one point in my life. Hold on a second. Let me go tick off the check box on my bucket list……

K done. So. She knows that I have written songs before. I am not good at coming up with one on demand though. So when she messaged me over Facebook this evening and said, “can you send me a few lyrics. I am feeling sing-songy” (she is pretty high on my list of favourite people) I was nervous at first but I figured why not give it a try. It felt right. I replied to her with “k, gimmie a few mins”.

Now, I hope after I post this people don’t think I am weird. Because you know, its been a well kept secret this whole time. But. I just let the lyrics and the melody come to me. Literally. From thin air. I have absolutely NO IDEA where it came from but, 5 minutes later, I had written and recorded a song that I sent over to her. Now mind you, I am a decent singer. Which means if I am on stage singing your ears WONT bleed.

I say this because my friend is currently at Niagara falls for a “boys weekend getaway” and messaged me saying someone was singing Ed Sheeran’s song “Thinking out loud” so badly that it sounds like they were puking. So I am sure I am better than that. But my friend (with kickass guitar skills) is better that I am. AND SHE KNOWS HOW TO WORK HER WAY AROUND A GUITAR!

So, the sweetheart that she is, worked to translate the melody I sent her ( i just sang nanananana into my phone) into guitar chords and sang the song I wrote. AND SHE SOUNDS AMAZING. So I shall share our collaborative work with you.

CLICK HERE FOR AN EAR WORM (apparently a word musicians use to describe a song that gets stuck in your head. Like an ear word I guess. ewww.


Until next time peeps! Thank you for stopping by!


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