Why We Will Never Find The Meaning Of Our Lives Through Success

I have been thinking about this topic almost constantly and coming to the same conclusion that this article does. Firstly, I would like to mention, I love the blog “of whiskey and words“. Please check it out. It is worth every minute you spend reading it. It is like chicken soup for the soul (teehee)

Secondly, this article is so right. We spend this precious little life chasing after dreams and goals. There is this whole society out there telling us to do exactly that. “Dream bigger. Achieve more. You are capable of more than that.” While I do not think we should all be sitting on our beds, lazying about like sloths (as cute as they are), I don’t think we should get buried alive under the stress and constant movement we need to achieve our dreams. I see days turn into nights, days into weeks into months, in my own life. Regardless of how many dreams I turn to reality or projects I complete, I have never found the end result to be as spiritually fulfilling as the journey itself. And that is something we should remember. I was on a roller coaster recently. I assure you, getting to the end of the ride wasn’t the fun bit. There is no point hurrying to the finish line.

What we are looking for is right here. In the present moment. With us. It was never lost. We don’t need to find it.

Of Whiskey and Words: Life and Travel Blog

Kasia Bobula

By Taylor Mosslar via Elite Daily

We spend our whole lives searching for purpose because we are not content with simply existing on Earth.

We are obsessed with philosophical Instagram quotes and pushing ourselves to achieve our dreams, all so we can ascribe some kind of “meaning” to our lives.

But, what if the meaning of life isn’t to simply achieve all your dreams?

What if we are all searching for meaning where there is none? What if we are just wasting our time overthinking the unthinkable?

I, myself, was caught in the trap of success as I measured my self-worth by my achievements. I told myself the purpose of my life was to fulfill all my dreams, and only then would I find the meaning of my life.

It wasn’t until my long-term dream was derailed and my life was stripped back to nothing but the absolute basics that…

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