The most invaluable lesson my mother taught me 

I  was having a conversation with my mother recently about people that have inspired me. I listed my dad who always inspired me to be strong in the face of adversity. Or women in leadership positions that taught me about manoeuvring their careers in this largely men driven world. A lot of folks on my list hadn’t necessarily taken me under their wing but I had been inspired by watching them go about their daily lives. It’s what I do. I learn through observervation. My grandad used to refer to me as “the pigeon” when I was a baby. I refused to blink, because I was so enchanted by life around me. 

However I hadn’t mention my mother in my long list of inspirations. She inquired if it was because I hadn’t learnt anything from her. At that moment, I couldn’t think of anything that stood out. But it wasn’t because she hadn’t taught me anything. It was because I was just not looking past the obvious career driven lessons I have been focused on lately. 

I have always known my mother as a housewife. She dedicated her life to raising her 2 kids. For 20 years her day began with sending us off to school and ended only after my brother and I were tucked into bed. She built her whole life around her kids. 25 years of pure devotion. She gave up her career and an active social life to channel her love and energy towards bringing us up. My mother has loved us unconditionally. She has fought the world for us. 

And she continues to pour her sea of love into raising our pets today. When Kiwi (bird) bites me, I retaliate. I won’t talk to her for a while or shut her out of my room. My mother on the other hand will talk to the bird, trying to convince her not to bite again. Like you convince a newborn not to burst into tears every 5 minutes. An exercise in futility. Kiwi likes to sleep perched on my mom’s right foot while she leans onto mom’s left foot . This is an uncomfortable position for the human party in this transaction to sit in, specially for long periods. Believe me, I’ve tried. But my mother would rather deal with leg cramps than disturb the conure’s slumber. Mom sometimes loves unconditionally to a fault. To the end that Kiwi has gained some weight since mom started babying her. 

So denying my mother the honourable mention in my list of great teachers would be unfair. She has taught me something that matters more than anything else I have learnt from anyone else. It’s love. The unconditional, I’ll push you out of the way of a speeding train even if it kills me kind of love. The kind of love that makes the world to round. So thank you mother, for you have taught me something only a mother could. And this blog entry is the result. I love you and wish you a Happy mothers day!




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