The bird course conundrum 

As I sat on my friends bed while she unpacked I was questioning my course choices. School starts again tomorrow and I am not prepared. The conversation had started when she asked me about the courses I was taking this semester to which I had replied “3 marketing and 2 finance”, providing no details because I didn’t remember any. I had chosen courses a while back and to refresh my memory I logged on to the registration website and started going over the courses with her.

The conversation that followed made me question a finance course I was taking. She told me about a similar course she had taken and the projects she had to complete were just plain annoying. So I figured I would look into my decision more thoroughly . Besides no one else I knew was taking the course so I must be missing something . I was. The course was meant for people pursuing a CFA, which I am not. So I dropped the course. (Bonus, I now only have classes on 3 days.)

I still needed a credit though. So I had to pick between two courses. I struggled with making a decision, all day. One of the courses was a bird course and the other was not. I wanted to pick the harder course because I believed it would teach me something. The bird course wouldn’t teach me anything worthwhile in the “real world”. I wanted to take the road less travelled. I wanted to brave the unknown and win. I mean wasn’t that what living and this blog was all about?

After much agony, I heard my heart whisper the answer to the question above . It was a resounding no. I shouldn’t be walking the road less travelled just for the sake of it. I could learn everything the harder course could teach me without ever going to class. This was true for most things in life. Isn’t that why noted billionaires are college dropouts? Its not the education system but the attitude to learn that was important. Then why should I take the course and go through the tests and exams? Life is supposed to be fun. Why work so hard to make it otherwise?

After this realization I  couldn’t justify taking the harder course. I picked the bird course. I now have 5 courses to take at school and a couple I have signed up on coursera. This decision provides me  with time to pursue things I’m interested in. It gives me time to live the life I want. And to take on more roads less travelled.

Ps: this post has nothing to do with the bird in the picture. I just think she is the cutest bird in the planet, even after she takes a bath and looks demented.

PPS: I ended up switching back to the hard course. That was NOT GOOD PLAN!


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