Planning my “Staycation”

The concept of a “staycation” is fairly new to me. I was introduced to it at work recently and understand it to be a vacation taken at home. Time away from busy life to relax. Without the hassles of lining up at an airport to get on a plane, sit cramped up next to a snoring man too large for his seat while the baby in front of you decides to cry for majority of the flight.

Not that I would ever avoid any of it because ending up in a beautiful and foreign city that beholds adventures is totally worth every minute of discomfort on a plane. However, I cannot afford that luxury at the moment. I am short both money and time. I am currently “enjoying” my week off between internship and school. So far, I have caught up on SLEEP (slumber and I are having a lovely affair), shopping, school related projects and cleaning the house. While I would like to be licking up melted gelato off my fingers somewhere in Italy, I am not complaining because some of my peers get no time off at all before they return to school. While I still need to pack and move (near school), I have chosen to take tomorrow to cherish the time off I have been given. I figured, with all that I have left to do before I get back to the stresses of student life (which has turned my hair white, note to self, colour hair) it would be easy to get caught up and forget to relax when relaxing is something I desperately need to do. So I handed in my request for a staycation, to myself, which I promptly accepted. “Go forth and enjoy yourself” I said to myself.

While the whole point of a “staycation” is to relax and unwind, I have often spent days “relaxing” (Netflix) and ended up feeling guilty for wasting time off. In order to avoid these feelings towards my precious staycation, I have decided to plan it out, like I would a vacation. The theme for my staycation will be to avoid doing anything and everything that I find unpleasant while indulging in life’s simple pleasures. Below please find the list of activities I intend to undertake on my first ever staycation. I will be tweeting about my staycation in real time tomorrow. Feel free to follow.

  • Spa Day: I do not need to pay hundreds of dollars to feel pampered. In fact, the more money I pay, the more dissatisfied I become when it comes to activities meant to pamper me. At some point tomorrow, I will take my sweet time lathering on a coat of face mask after scrubbing off all the dead skin. While my face mask dries, I will be sipping on chilled milk (we are out of pop) while two cotton pads soaked in ice water rest on my weary eyes. I will also pamper my hair with a hot oil treatment (take olive oil, heat it, tada, hot oil treatment) and a hair mask.
  • 3 Hours on a remote island: I am giving myself a time out. This weekend I was accused of being unable to disconnect. It is time to prove some very loving people wrong. I will be “offline” for 3 hours tomorrow. This means no social media, no replying to texts and no Netflix. I am however allowing myself to use 8 tracks to listen to my favourite play lists. The whole point of tomorrow is not to do anything unpleasant. Keeping myself from my favourite source of music will bring much unpleasantness.
  • Nature Walk: Now that the weather has warmed up considerably, missing out on fresh air is unacceptable. While I can fathom how hard it will be to get my behind off my bed, I will go out for a walk and perhaps grab a Nutella flavoured treat from Tim Hortons on my way back home. If nothing else, my ginormous sweet tooth will be reason enough to get some exercise during my staycation.
  • Curled up in a library: I have recently collected a lot of books from frequent visits to my favourite used book store. The books I have downloaded onto Play Books have also started collecting virtual dust. It is time to lose myself in the imaginary worlds that authors around the world have worked so hard to birth. I intend to sit down with a warmed up home made oatmeal cookie and a glass of cold milk to read for an hour or two. Sidenote: Is it just me or is my sweet tooth taking over my staycation?
  • Cooking it up: I got this kick ass recipe for coconut and maple syrup pancakes recently. My first attempt at making them was pretty successful and I have missed the taste of those moist pieces of heaven ever since. I think I will treat myself and my family to some fabulous pancakes tomorrow. It will be my way of thanking them for all the inconvenience I may be causing as a lump of meat that has decided to dent the living room sofa by lounging on it all day. Yes, the pancakes are a completely unselfish act. Sidenote: Yes. My sweet tooth is now running the show.
  • Movie time! : I am a big big fan of movies. No staycation can be complete without watching a 2 hour long movie that I spent an hour finding on Netflix. Perhaps I will put on a chick flick that I would never watch with other people. Or worse, an old disney movie, like Pocahontas, which I am embarrassed to say, I have never seen (not unlike most of the classic Disney films).  It will be a perfect end to my staycation. Don’t you think? Sidenote: Caramel popcorn?

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