A new beginning

While this blog was initially started with the intention of writing for the joy of stringing words together , things have changed. The process of writing has forced me to snap out of my comatose state and commit to a more authentic life. While I would love to pursue a complete overhaul of my life, maybe take a year to travel and relax (imagine eat, pray, love but without the divorce or the falling in love at the end bit) I don’t think that is a practical path to go down at this point.

However I can commit to living a life that is more authentic and honest. I can commit to listening to my gut and following my heart. It has taken me on amazing adventures in life so far. These adventures have made life worth living. Yet I have fallen off the bandwagon and relapsed into living from my head, calculated, logical, dead. Because it’s safe.

But blogging started an inner dialogue and presented me with idols that made me realize that its possible and even rewarding life. It’s time to commit to my heart over my head and live in the wonder of the unknown. And like vows that keep you faithful to your love, I choose to blog about these adventures and repeat my vows to my heart on this blog as often as I can.

Welcome to the hearts quest.


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