I forgot to charge my shuffle

But I get to plug into songza or 8 tracks all day at work. So it’s cool right? I’ll just enjoy the silence for now. And eavesdrop on people’s conversations.

Like the woman talking to the bus driver about cysts in her vagina. Then explaining the mechanics of the illness . Loudly. With the intention to educate the public.

And the bus driver telling her (and the rest of us) tales of his family doctor.

How when everyone, thought they had nasal congestion (as a population I suppose?) he lined up at Shoppers Drugmart like everyone else. To buy the best nasal spray in the market at the time. Apparently people were lined out the door for it. I never even knew it was such a popular product.

Turned out the nasal spray wasn’t helping much so he went to see his family doctor. His doctor asked him to take a deep breath, which is apparently all Dr. Magic needed to immediately diagnose him with acid reflux.

Listening to this conversation made me wish I talked to strangers more often. Like the bus driver. I want to know who his fabulous doctor that has stuck by him through thick and thin is. Mine just rushes me out the door after having me wait at least half an hour to see her. Even though it’s an appointment. I’m not dropping in unannounced. Like I’m sure the bus driver can do with his family doctor.

But if I don’t talk to random people I could just talk to you. Which is better. I could talk to everyone reading this. Is anyone reading this?

And silently judge the couple standing in front of me blocking a whole hallway in an already packed train. People could use that space you know. People like you. Just because your husband is here doesn’t mean you have to be, woman. He won’t kill you or die of deprivation if you were a few feet away. Ridiculousness.

This feels like a people watching post of sorts. Should I include it in the series?


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