Once, a night at the theatre


I had the pleasure of seeing my first musical in Toronto this weekend. It’s the one that the posters hung up all over the city were raving about. It’s also the one my self proclaimed theater fanatic manager suggested. “Once” was to be an evening of romance while the alternative would have been a hilarious play about three sisters and one of the sister’s boyfriend that gets invited to their hysterical sibling shenanigans. Being somewhat of a music fanatic, the musical sounded perfect.

My friend grabbed the tickets the week before the show. But when I was asked to print the documents he forwarded in preparation for the big night, there were no tickets attached. Why? Because he figured it would be safer to grab them at the show. Which totally made sense.

The big night arrived and off we went to the theater. This was a landmark I had passed by countless times before. I remembered it for its wonderful Aladdin posters that seemed to have been up forever. It was the dainty yet intriguing entrance right opposite the Eaton centre (a well known mall in Toronto).

We walked in and were told we were trying to get in through the wrong entrance. The tickets could be picked up at the younge entrance. So we walked around the block to get to the fancy entrance (as I shall call it) . It’s the one with all the flashing lights and theatricals (Hehe see what I did there).

I had dressed up for this occasion (mainly because I saw the price of the tickets when I printed the documents) and it felt like I fit right in. Except I didn’t really.

The population of the theater did not mirror the melting pot that Toronto is known for being. In fact it seemed I was intruding on a cultural territory. But it didn’t matter. Everyone was enjoying their drinks and the music being created on stage by the talented artists.

The show hadn’t begun but the artists were hard at work creating beautiful melodies. I won’t get into much details about the show as I highly recommend you invest the time and money to experience its magic. I will however point out a few things that I found added value to what the show had to offer.

1.The actors stay on stage the entire time. If they do decide to run out a door, they reappear pretty quickly.

2. The actors are also responsible for any changes made to the stage in terms of props or placement of furniture used to set a scene.

3. Most of the story is set in a bar (of sorts) which is open to the audience. Members of the audience can climb up on stage during the intermission and grab a drink from the bar. It’s like if I could order coffee from central perk between scenes while watching friends.

The play ended in a way that my friend and I couldn’t agree with. We did however agree that we both loved the musical.

I left the theater humming the songs in my head. I can still hear the melodies echoing in my memories. I can’t wait to go back to the theater some day soon.


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