An introduction to my new blog

This blog is inspired by a list of things. The play list I just heard off 8 tracks would be the most recent (I’ll post a link) . The impact that a blog written very passionately by a brave lady had on me inspired me to write about my passion.  The diary entries I wrote almost daily as a young girl trying to understand this world have given birth to this blog. And if they are the mother then the philosophers and leaders I grew up listening to are the fathers to this blog.

But I think most of all, it’s the itch, to follow my heart. To even begin the journey that your heart intends for you to take requires courage. To ignore the doubts and take the first step takes a leap of faith. I think this might be my first step. Or perhaps just a stretch before I take on this marathon. To change my life.

I know all of this sounds extremely vague but if you feel the need to make your own dent in the universe (this would be the voice of one of the fathers of this blog) then you will understand the sentiment I mean to convey.

If you too feel like this can’t be it. Life can’t just be an endless repeat of this, then please join me on my journey to figure things out. To answer the questions that haunt me and deal with the thoughts that keep me up at night, thoughts that keep me in bed.


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