The 25/5 Rule OR Pomodoro Method

So this one wont be as funny. But it will be useful. Uber useful. Keep you from going crazy useful. A beautiful and simple and awesome technique.

Its called the Pomodoro Method. I haven’t read into it much. I didn’t even know that it was called the Pomodoro technique. I thought that was the name of the app. Turns out its the technique. So I haven’t read up on it. But what I have done is applied it.

I was introduced to it last weekend when I was part of a case competition. A 72 hour case competition. Thats an important detail to remember. 4 girls, acquaintances, friends in some regard, in a room, discussing a vague case. They start at 8.30 AM and keep going until 11.30 PM. Over the weekend. Which acts as a  Very little socialization takes place, because the case provides so much information.

And its simple.


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