The spill


Aren’t they cute? These belong to one of my coworkers. Struggling with a research related question at work I found myself at her desk asking for help.

As researchers (that’s a thing right) we are considered experts in our field and asking really broad questions to each other is acceptable specially when you have spent countless hours trying to figure it out for yourself and all it has resulted in is additional white hair on your head.

But I am not just my job. I’m also a fishy with the shortest of attention spans. And the cute house you see in that picture caught my attention, so much so that I  stopped mid sentence. Forgetting all about the super important work related conversation we had been having. Why? Because I’m really a kid at heart (that refuses to grow up) who found something shiny. I had also never known anyone who owned these little houses…. Other than me. I own close to 10.

Ever heard of KLM? Its an international airline. You can buy these tiny houses filled with alcohol (yup fancy) or have them gifted to you if you travel business class. When you travel on New Year’s eve you often get upgraded to business class regardless of the seat you paid for. Mostly because everybody else is at a party and not on a plane. Also because the airline feels bad for you for having to cuddle up to a germ infested pillow, on this momentous occasion when the earth completed yet another revolution around the sun, rather than kissing your special someone.

Needless to say I’ve travelled on New Year’s eve many times and enjoyed the benefits of doing so in the form of my own little house collection.

Having found another collector, I wanted to know everything about it. How did she get her hands on it? Did she think it was cool too?

So I asked her. Turns out one of our managers had given it to her.  She didn’t know where it came from. Perhaps he won it at an work event.

But I had to know. For sure. That this was a part of the collection meant to reward KLM customers. I couldn’t stand not knowing. I did however know that they usually brand the product at the bottom of the structure, so I picked it up and flipped the house over.

That’s when the alcohol spilled EVERYWHERE.

In my defence if the bottle /house isn’t corked it should be empty. It clearly wasn’t.

My co worker was super chill about it even though half her desk now reeked of alcohol. Fancy alcohol but alcohol.

I got paper towels to wipe down the desk. After apologizing I left for my own desk.

Thus my adventure with the tiny house ended.


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