Closer to god

I had a physio appointment this morning in downtown Toronto. The city of concrete with its towering buildings that I often classify as giants and dwarfs. My darling physiotherapist operates out of one of these concrete dwarfs. An elderly gentleman got on the elevator with me this morning. He asked for the floor I was headed to with the intention of pressing the appropriate button for me. I said 12.

He then proceeded to tell me that I will be 2.5 times closer to God this morning than he will be. He was headed to 5.

I found this witty man fascinating. I told him that he would at the least be closer to god than when he got into the elevator. He then proceeded to get off the elevator refuting my claim muttering to himself words I could not comprehend.

While I wanted to tell him that I didn’t believe in the kind of God that lived in the clouds, I bit my tongue . Instead I told him that I was glad to be blessed this morning. And I was.

Because I met this fascinating man briefly.
Look what I joined today!


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